Hope I'll find something useful there. =)


One day, I asked my mom.

Me: Ibu, if one day when 'The Day' comes, would you mind if I don't do Tahlil to you?

Ibu: No, of course not. In fact, it is better if you don't do it right? =)

Me: Yeay!! ^_^

That day, I couldn't stop smiling. =)

Oh, I'm soooo sorry if my post sounds a little, "wahabbi".




Well, T'day is not a very good day. Received a few bad news.

My results are finally out yesterday. Not bad but not high enough either. One grade up in ESL and I'll sure to be in "benchmark".

But I'm not that upset. I've tried my best. Whatever He wills to give, I'll accept.

After all, He is The Best Planner of all. =)


Please move on. Please.

Because I'm already gone.

Can you imagine your life where you are being tailed, watched.

Every movement.

Every speech.

Every time you walk out of the door,
when you're talking to someone.

you feel someone is at behind you.

Silently spying on you.

You call that responsibility.

I call that living in a prison without bars.

* * *

BTN bez! I really respect the urusetia esp One. =)

I hope I can do abseiling again.