I'm currently at the Monash library. I was here to study anatomy (at least that was my original intention) but I ended up studying world religion. lol.

I came across one book on the 'new books' shelf in the library. The book's title is 'Does God Hate Women?' written by Ophelia Benson and Jeremy Stangroom.

I bet the title caught your interest, so it did to me. I took it, read the first chapter and my God, I felt breathless. Then i continued reading it, skimming through whatever points that glued my attention.

In the first chapter 'God of Bullies', book compiles a few cases by which to show that religion oppresses women; Lashed and stoned because of raping, beating of wives by husband, child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and the list goes on and on and on... not surprising, almost 80% of those cases are in muslim communities.

Obviously the book is written by two feminist and atheist individuals who tries to instill hatred against religion especially Islam.

In the next chapter entitled 'Religious Apologetics, Islam and Caricature', the authors continue to bash Islam as well as some "Apologetics of the sexist religion" such as Karen Armstrong. The author stresses that Armstrong's writings on Islam are an excercise caricature in which her desire to "sanitize and westernize Islam" will bring a religion which is "tenditious, incomplete and patronizing" (Benson & Stangroom 2009, p. 51)

The last chapter was the most "exciting". The authors concludes the book by saying that "religion is like the total body irradiation that destroys an immune system and lets an underlying infection take over. It's like a pesticide…"
"Religion is the whited sepulchre, the warthog in a party dress, the dictator in a pink uniform plastered with medals."

and add on

"religion remains the last great prop and stay of arbitrary injustices and the coercion which backs them up"

Finally, she concludes that

"That is the God who hates women. That God has to go"

We must realise the dangers of feminism that the world is facing. The book will not bring peace. It is not a solution but rather justifies that the world should be united to attack Abrahamic religions namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism and convert them all to a "secular and modern world".

Note oh dear readers, don't get me wrong. For I too, am against the oppression of women. Every time I see stories and headlines in the news which depicts the atrocities committed against women, my heart boils with anger. Especially in some cases where the fools justifies his act by stating their actions are permitted in religion when in reality it denounces it.

To me, there is a difference between fighting for women's rights and fighting under the cause of feminism by which, the latter is is considered to be extreme.

Who is rightfully to be blamed?

Hey don't look anywhere else, it is us! We!

Their intentions to attack Islam per se are not enough for them to write this book if not we are the ones who provide them bullets to execute it! We are the ones who are showing bad examples by manipulating the verses and selling fatwas to our own desires which lead to confusion to the non-muslims.

Somethings must change in order to restore the image of islam that we, ourselves have tarnished.

Yes the we are fortunate to have Islam, but is Islam fortunate to have us?

Biarlah Rahsia

It seems that all of my coursemates are getting anxious about the coming semester. Well here's for ya'll; you are not alone feeling that.

For some who may feel like their previous semester doesn't live up to your expectation. Well, never give up just yet! There's still a long road waiting for us, so keep strong and have faith. =)

Latar: Padang hijau Monash University Sunway

Dua individu sedang berkata2.

A: I don't think I can do it anymore

B: Whadaya mean? You've been through this before, you can do it!

A: No its not. I mean it is, but its not. Its like being inside a car you thought you're familiar with, but it feels different because someone else is driving it.

B: So that's it? You wanna just give up?

A: Maybe. I dunno. How about you? You know how it feels like. Does it always catches you up?

B: Of course it does. That's why I have to keep moving.


B: *Sigh* and uh, I suggest you do the same.

A: Don't you feel tired?

B: I'm exhausted. But things left me with no choice.

A: We always have a choice.

B: True, but sometimes we have to let the situation choose for you.

A: hmm..

B: *throws a smile* girl, you're stronger than this. I know you are.

A: *looks down* I hope you're right.

Kau ajak siapa masuk?!

Holiday is ending, and I'm doing what I do best; wasting time in front of the screen. Haha.

Post kali ini aku nak share dengan korang movies dengan TV series yang aku layan masa cuti ni. Banyak sebenarnya, tapi aku nak fokus kepada cerita seram dan vampire. Zasss~~~

Aku tahu ramai antara pembaca dah tengok movie ni. Serius aku tak sangka movie style rekod-pakai video camera gegar2 macam ni boleh jadi sangat sukses. Tapi aku baru tahu rupanya movie ni dia remake daripada spanish punya horror [rec]. Yang tak boleh blahnya dia remake sebijik2. =.=

Korang nak tahu apa jadi kepada apartmen tersebut lepas tu? haa, ada sequelnya. Kepada peminat Quarantine, cepatlah tengok.

Ok I have to admit, I was a bit dissappointed with this movie. The genre is science fiction no more. =( The good news is, it still keep the elements of horror that can make you jump from your seat. Haha.
Moving on to vampire shows...

Jangan tengok cerita ni dengan parents/family korang. Aku dah warning... Keadaan akan jadi sangat awkward bila tiba2 berlaku aksi2 terlampau.

Oi, tak. Tu bukan sebab aku tengok cerita ni! (kot =P). Jalan cerita dia memang best. Oh dan character favourite aku ialah Eric Northman; seorang vampire yang berusia lebih 1000 tahun. Dia ni agak jahat, full of hatred; tapi sangat kelakar, macho, handsome dan horny (erk!). Aku rasa in real life pelakon ni mesti playboy. haha

Oh dan baru semalam aku tengok satu movie tentang vampire. Movie ni bukan Hollywood, tapi dari Sweden.

Mengisahkan tentang seorang budak yang asyik kena buli dengan kawan2 sekolah. Keadaan berubah apabila beliau berkawan (dan bercinta) dengan seorang vampire yang kelihatan sebaya dengannya.

Oh, tidak.. Ini bukan Twilight. Movie ni agak psycho dan ganas. Tapi aku rasa sangat seronok kerana ia berjaya mengekalkan elemen romantis dan seram pada masa yang sama. Kira macam genre dark romance la.

Tahukah korang bahawa vampire tak boleh masuk rumah korang kalau korang tak ajak dia masuk?

Etiquette mungkin. =PPP



Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

When the blazing sun is gone
When there's nothing she shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle twinkle through the night
twinkle twinkle little star
How i wonder what you are

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

Kakak Ku kata Kakiku Kekot

ni lagu Ukays pertama yang aku suka. Raihan punya pasal la ni (tak pasal2 dia kena). hahaha. =P

If only you'd knew what you've done.


Aku terjumpa dalam blog orang Indonesia. Sangat menarik kata2. Jadi aku decided nak repost disini.

Jangan Menunggu Bahagia Baru Tersenyum.
Tapi Tersenyumlah, Maka Kamu Kian Bahagia

Jangan Menunggu Kaya Baru Bersedekah.
Tapi Bersedekahlah, Maka Kamu Semakin Kaya

Jangan Menunggu Termotivasi Baru Bergerak.
Tapi Bergeraklah, Maka Kamu Akan Termotivasi

Jangan Menunggu Dipedulikan Orang Baru Kamu Peduli,
Tapi Pedulilah Dengan Orang Lain! Maka Kamu Akan Dipedulikan...

Jangan Menunggu Orang Memahami Kamu Baru Kita Memahami Dia,
Tapi Pahamilah Orang Itu, Maka Orang Itu Paham Dengan Kamu

Jangan Menunggu Terinspirasi Baru Menulis.
Tapi Menulislah, Maka Inspirasi Akan Hadir Dalam Tulisanmu

Jangan Menunggu Proyek (projek? 0.o) Baru Bekerja.
Tapi Berkerjalah, Maka Proyek Akan Menunggumu

Jangan Menunggu Dicintai Baru Mencintai.
Tapi Belajarlah Mencintai, Maka Kamu Akan Dicintai

Jangan Menunggu Banyak Uang Baru Hidup Tenang,
Tapi Hiduplah Dengan Tenang, Insya Allah Bukan Sekadar Uang Yang Datang,

Jangan Menunggu Contoh Baru Bergerak Mengikuti.
Tapi Bergeraklah, Maka Kamu Akan Menjadi Contoh Yang Diikuti

Jangan Menunggu Sukses Baru Bersyukur.
Tapi Bersyukurlah, Maka Bertambah Kesuksesanmu

Jangan Menunggu Bisa Baru Melakukan,
Tapi Lakukanlah! Kamu Pasti Bisa!

Para Pecundang Selalu Menunggu Bukti Dan Para Pemenang Selalu Menjadi Bukti

Seribu Kata Mutiara Akan Dikalahkan Satu Aksi Nyata!
PS: Mungkin zaman Piala AFF Suzuki lagi masa ni. =.=.

Source: http://icus2ays.blogspot.com/

Fernando Torres

Someone put a spell on me.
Yang Handsome, Yang Diam, Yang Perasan.

Semua sengal.


Sometimes we don't need hope to do something. We need courage, and some level of wisdom or desperation.

Sometimes we do things not because we wanted to; because we have to.

Sometimes we think that we have choices in life. Yes we do!

But sometimes we'll have to let the situation choose for us. When that happens... well... there is nothing much you can do except pray for the best.

Sometimes you feel powerless when you see things that are happening to you. The best that you do, is smile.

Senyumlah! =)

The Book is killing my leg. Help!(?)


Sebelum apa2, aku nak tekankan yang post aku ni tiada ditujukan kepada siapa2 yang hidup

ataupun mati. Anggap je ni sebagai satu peringatan kepada korang dan diri aku sendiri.
Aku menulis ni in response to blog Zayana. Aku rasa post terbaru beliau tu sangat menarik hati aku untuk menulis kali ini.
Aku ada seorang kawan, eh tak, ramai kawan kat Langkawi dulu kiranya jatuh ke kategori handsome la. Kelebihan diorang tak terbatas di situ sahaja. Diorang juga dibekalkan dengan asset mulut yang sangat manis sehingga boleh menyebabkan
hampir setiap perempuan yang mendengar kata2 mereka terkena diabetes. Dan tak lama lepas tu, diabetes perempuan tu bertukar darah tinggi apabila akhirnya tersedar yang mereka sebenarnya telah terhanyut dengan charm lelaki itu atau apabila diorang sedar yang lelaki tu bertukar2 perempuan macam tukar seluar dalam. (nota: budak asrama selalu recycle baju seluar tapi bukan seluar dalam)

Aku nasihatkan kepada yang membaca post ini. Tak kesahlah lelaki atau perempuan. Kalau korang terjatuh dalam kategori macam kawan2 aku ni. Tolonglah stop. Korang tak sedar ke Yang Maha Adil sedang memerhati? To me, you guys (and girls) are just fooling yourself. Sedarlah sikit dunia ni ibarat roda. Korang rasa korang selalu di atas? Kalau gedebuk jatuh nanti karang baru tahu.

Kadang2 kita asyik lupa bahawa asset kita juga liabiliti kita yang terbesar. Benda tu sebenarnya bentuk ujian Dia berikan kepada kita. Contoh Yang Maha Pemurah dah bagi korang kurniaan muka yang handsome/cantik beserta mulut2 yang bisa mengatur perkataan2 ibarat ketuhar gelombang mikro yang boleh membuatkan orang berlainan jantina cair macam choklat. Sedar lah korang sesungguhnya Yang Maha Berkuasa tu boleh tarik nikmat tu macam *snap!*, sekelip mata je.

Aku tertarik dengan kata2 Aizad Syafeez.

Aizad: Kau tahu tak ujian dari segi nikmat tu la yang ramai orang fail daripada ujian dari segi kesusahan?

Me: Yeke? Kenapa?

Aizad: Pasal kalau yang nikmat, kita biasa lupa diri. Kalau kesusahan, sah2 kita cepat2 cari Yang Maha Pengampun.

Tu je la, aku malas nak mengarut panjang. Again aku nak tegaskan bahawa post ni memang tidak ditujukan kepada individu tertentu melainkan sebagai peringatan kepada semua termasuklah diri aku sendiri.

Renungkan2.. =)