It seems that all of my coursemates are getting anxious about the coming semester. Well here's for ya'll; you are not alone feeling that.

For some who may feel like their previous semester doesn't live up to your expectation. Well, never give up just yet! There's still a long road waiting for us, so keep strong and have faith. =)

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A: I don't think I can do it anymore

B: Whadaya mean? You've been through this before, you can do it!

A: No its not. I mean it is, but its not. Its like being inside a car you thought you're familiar with, but it feels different because someone else is driving it.

B: So that's it? You wanna just give up?

A: Maybe. I dunno. How about you? You know how it feels like. Does it always catches you up?

B: Of course it does. That's why I have to keep moving.


B: *Sigh* and uh, I suggest you do the same.

A: Don't you feel tired?

B: I'm exhausted. But things left me with no choice.

A: We always have a choice.

B: True, but sometimes we have to let the situation choose for you.

A: hmm..

B: *throws a smile* girl, you're stronger than this. I know you are.

A: *looks down* I hope you're right.