Ok, I'm having a very hecting week here (I wonder why I still spending my time on my blog), and more to come!

Lets see,

1. Chemistry practical test, this wednesday. *haven't prepared yet(?)*

2. Physics IDS. *Preparing and having trouble*

3. Physics presentation. *Preparing*

4. Mathemathics test + DI next week. *not ready yet*

Untuk pengetahuan anda, Physics kitorang kena design experiment based on kitorang punya research topic.

Nak tahu apa research topic aku?

"Nuclear Warfare: A Physics Assessment on their Dangers"

macamana la aku nak design experiment? =="

Nasib baik dah dapat idea.

Tak sabar nak present.
*KABOOM!* Peace~ ^^

By the way, I've found a thai commercial; so damn sengal. hahaha.