Three days ago, I was at home playing my laptop. It seems like a normal day; pretty much not like raya. Everything seems so peaceful. So..

Kakngah: Syau, tolong tengokkan Daniel. Anah nak gi beli barang jap.

Me: Mana Daniel?

Kakngah: Tengah tidur.

Me: Oh, okay.

So there was I. Home alone as usual.
A few minutes after that, I heard a police siren. Then my house bell rang.

Me: The heck? ==

I decided to go out. There stood a man with a blue uniform with a white Waja right behind him.
A Policemen?

Me: Ada apa encik?

The police gave an irritated expression.

Policemen: Adik ada perasan apa-apa hilang tak?

Me: Apa yang hilang? 0.0

Policemen: Adeh, meh la naik kete dulu. *patting the police car behind*

I don't know what he was talking about. Am I into somekind of trouble or something? =="

So without question, I boarded the car. The police then explained everything.

Policemen: Kau patut bangga dapat naik kereta polis. xD

Me: Bangga-bangga... =="

After all of that settled, it's time for me to go home.

Oh, crap! I was suppose to take care of Daniel now.

I rushed back home with the speed of light. Daniel must be crying right now.

The front door creaked open as I entered my house.

Me: Why is it too quiet? ==

Took a few steps and saw this horrendous sight.

Me: Dan!!! >.<

So there goes my mouse. Terus rosak lepas tu. =="