Have you ever heard of this proverb? I mean seriously, it took me for more than a year to understand this proverb.

What does it mean? skin deep?

Is it just me or this proverb is simply too amazing to understand. Uhh, I guess its just me.

I started to understand this provern when it suddenly came to my head. If we translate this proverb directly and literally to Malay, it will become "Kecantikan hanyalah sedalam kulit"

Well, metaphorically it means that physical beauty only lies on skin. Not more than that.
And as time goes on, your skin will start to age and become uglier.

I've had a conversation with this one makcik. She asked me,

"Would you like a beautiful girl to be your wife?"

I answered,

"Of course I do, who wouldn't?"

"Then you're gonna pick a wrong choice, most of them are egoistic. You're gonna have a hard time with them, kid."

Truly I was struck by her answer. The more to think of it, the more I'd like to agree with her.

I have to say, most of girls which I find "cun" really is egoistic. Well, MOST of them luckily.

Ingat~ Kecantikan hanya sedalam kulit! =D

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