Psst... Hey there.. Yah you la! ==

I'm here, tak boleh cakap kuat2. Because I'm currently using the Histology room's computer. Believe it or not I'm using it for facebooking and blogging right now. Haha.

Now is week two for my venture as a medic student. The orientation was cool. Really cool!! I mean it.

One day there is this one friend of mine asked me a question.

JC: Dude, are you a muslim?

Me: Yes I am. =)

JC: Are you a type of modern muslim who does not pray five times? 0.o

Me: Err..~

To be honest, I was kinda offended by his question. The fact that my face touch the ground five times a day makes me not modern?

But then I tried to get hold of myself and started to think.

I cannot blame him at all. Really. It is our fault entirely!
We are the ones who makes them have that idea of stereotyping muslims. Because most of them see that successful muslims do not pray five times maybe?

I smiled at him and said,

Me: I am a muslim, and I pray five times. The fact that I'm here doesn't mean that I am a caveman is it? =)

JC: Of course not, sorry I dunno much about you guys.

Me: Relax dude, it happens all the time. =)