Yeah, nice day to start a writing again. Pretty boring actually. Mengantuk, letih, but I still have the desire to write something. I wonder why...

Have you ever had a personal conflict where decision is very hard?

Are going to follow your rational mind or to follow your emotions?

What did you ended up choosing?

I say, males will have the tendency to chose a more rational decision, unlike female, they will tend to choose the other one.

Now, now, I know if you are a girl, you might be cursing me right now. Sexist la SyaukaT!! ==

Do not feel like that. Because in fact, I am complimenting girls!


You may disagree with me, the decisions that we make in our life may not be rational at all. But we do not regret it.

Yeah sometimes, we do not have to be rational to choose something. Sometimes we will just follow our heart hoping it will determine whether it is right.

To me, that emotions are what makes us human.

Too much rationality to me, is like a robot where everything is calculated according to percentage of chances and probability. To me, that is bullshit.

So generally, males are robotic in their thinking.

Which is why, males need females to be on their side. Because naturally, males and females complement each other.

Nice to know you. =)