At first, I honestly do not even imagine the use of learning Malay language. Imagine, me, a Malay, refuses to learn Malay language? Disturbing isn't it?

Lucky I've obtained A1 in SPM haha.

And I've seen my Chinese friends who refuses to learn Malay simply because they think it is unimportant. I'm not being racist here. It is understandable. But learning wouldn't hurt now, wouldn't it? 0.o

I wanna share you with this table which shows the ranks of the most spoken language in the world. Lets see...

PosLanguageFamilyScript(s) UsedSpeakers
Where Spoken (Major)
1MandarinSino-TibetanChinese Characters1151China, Malaysia, Taiwan
2EnglishIndo-EuropeanLatin1000USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
3SpanishIndo-EuropeanLatin500Mexico, Central and South America, Spain
4HindiIndo-EuropeanDevanagari490North and Central India
5RussianIndo-EuropeanCyrillic277Russia, Central Asia
6ArabicAfro-AsiaticArabic255Middle East, Arabia, North Africa
7PortugueseIndo-EuropeanLatin240Brazil, Portugal, Southern Africa
8BengaliIndo-EuropeanBengali215Bangladesh, Eastern India
9FrenchIndo-EuropeanLatin200France, Canada, West Africa, Central Africa
10Malay, IndonesianMalayo-PolynesianLatin175Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
11GermanIndo-EuropeanLatin166Germany, Austria, Central Europe
12Japanese (haha?)AltaicChinese Characters and 2 Japanese Alphabets132Japan
13Farsi (Persian)Indo-EuropeanNastaliq110Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia
14UrduIndo-EuropeanNastaliq104Pakistan, India
15PunjabiIndo-EuropeanGurumukhi103Pakistan, India
16WuSino-TibetanChinese Characters90China
17VietnameseAustroasiaticBased on Latin86Vietnam, China
19TamilDravidianTamil78Southern India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
20KoreanAltaicHangul78Korean Peninsula
21TurkishAltaicLatin75Turkey, Central Asia
22TeluguDravidianTelugu74Southern India
23MarathiIndo-EuropeanDevanagari72Western India
24ItalianIndo-EuropeanLatin62Italy, Central Europe
25ThaiSino-TibetanThai60Thailand, Laos
27CantoneseSino-TibetanChinese Characters55Southern China
28KannadaDravidianKannada47Southern India
29GujaratiIndo-EuropeanGujarati46Western India, Kenya
30PolishIndo-EuropeanLatin46Poland, Central Europe


You see? The rank for Malay language isn't so bad. It ranks in the 10th. I dunno to you guys, but to me, its "wow" enough!

Oh, and hell yeah we've beaten German and Japanese in that sense. =D

Some people may argue to say that the Malay language is different from Indonesian!
Well personally, I don't think its THAT different. We do come from the same root and to me, Indonesian is like a different accent (I think I can even understand Indonesian language better compared to the Sarawak accent).
My goal in life, I wanna learn as much language as possible in this world. The top 5 are in my "must learn" list. =)