Have you ever eaten a chewing gum before?

Okay2, I don't mean 'eat' as in swallowing it. I mean chewing it.

Well, I do.

Because of that, today's post will be about chewing gum. =D

Okayh, lets imagine before your eyes is a chewing gum wrapped nicely. Say, whatever brand of chewing gum would be your interest. Just imagine it by heart.

Then slowly, you unfold the paper wrapping the gum. It looks really nice! Your saliva starts to accumulate in your mouth.

"Man! this must be yummy!!! =D"

Just consider that to be your monolog (lame).

They you slowly place the gum in your mouth.

How does it tastes like? Sweet? sour? Well, who cares! It tastes good!! And the texture of the gum also is very soft and tender. You feel like you can chew this gum all day!

But what happens when you continue chewing it?

Chew, chew, chew, and chew again....

Eventually, the sweetness of the gum starts to fade away...


Your jaw muscles started to get tired of chewing the gum. Also, you are getting nothing but your very own saliva from which you are swallowing.

Then after some time, you start to feel like the presence of the chewing gum in your mouth is a nuisance.

Then suddenly....

"Ptui!!! ><"

"fuhh, lega! jom cari gum baru! =D"

Note: Post ni bukan untuk memfire siapa2. Kalau terasa jugak padan muka. hahaha